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The National Boxing Association was reestablished in May of 1984 in New York City and was approved by theInternal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in December of 1984. Irv Abramson, Founder and 1st President and his board of directors formed the corporation and devised a master plan and Trust Agreement for retired professional boxers, with Ameri-first Company as the Trustee. They also established a comprehensive Medical Plan for professional boxers, with medical centers to service them.

The NBA established a full and part-time employment program through a system called “Internet”, including free counseling service for persons without skills. With Irving’s publication “Boxing World”, they were able to communicate with the boxing community to encourage their support for the program. Irv stressed the importance of having professional boxers enroll with them, at no cost, so that after being neglected for these many years, they would have an association, which truly represents their interest.

Irv relocated to Florida in the mid 80”s, and after seeing the conditions under which boxers fought, he was appalled. At the time there was no State Boxing Commission, only City Commissions of Miami Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale etc. Each had there own Commissions. Irv was instrumental in helping to get a Florida State Boxing Commission established, which resulted in uniform regulations throughout the State. He also solicited the State of Florida to make boxing promoters responsible for insuring their boxers for injuries sustained in the ring. Such insurance is now compulsory in Florida.

The NBA held fund-raising dinners to help achieve there goals, the first was held at the Downtown Athletic Club New York City in October of 1984, other dinners were held, but it failed to raise substantial monies whicin h they needed to survive. Due to lack of support from membership, the NBA entertained the possibility of sanctioning championship fights. The Internal Revenue Service was contacted in order to obtain their opinion as to whether this change in our activities would adversely affect the exempt status. The IRS stated in October of 1994 that the changes did not affect the status. The NBA sanctioned 52 championship bouts from 1994 to June 5th 1998 when Irv gave his final report as the outgoing president of the National Boxing Association. Irving’s love for boxing remained up to his passing, going on to become Executive Consultant to the boxing Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO.

On July 1st 1998 Walter “Butch” Flansburg was elected President of the National Boxing Association, formed a new board of directors and is trying to carry on where Irving left off. We are moving forward in spite of the obstacle course we run everyday, competing with celebrities who promote and sanction fights, cable company’s promoting and sanctioning fights, and with the Dinosaurs of sanctioning Organizations that charge excessive sanctioning fees and don’t provide anything to the contenders or club fighters even the Champions pay for their own trophies. The NBA has flourished with fights in the last few years all over the world. The NBA is still around and we will see everyone in boxing, next round.

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